You must have heard about the different kinds of massage therapies, including deep tissue massage, full body massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, and more. Now if you are wondering about the difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, read on. We explain everything in detail below:

What is Swedish Massage?

The technique used in Swedish massage involves long, kneading strokes that are combined with rhythmic tapping and strokes. The massage also involves movement of the joints and mostly targets the uppermost layer of muscles. The aim of Swedish massage is to relieve muscle tension by energizing the body. The massage not only relieves tension in the muscles but also improves overall health. As mentioned earlier, the techniques and actions used in Swedish massage involve kneading, vibration, percussion, tapping, and rolling. In most of these massage sessions, massage oil or lotion is also used to protect the skin from protection.

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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage or Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is similar to a Swedish massage, but it involves deeper strokes which makes it different from a Swedish Massage. More pressure is used in this kind of massage and firm pressure is applied to the tissues. This increased pressure puts pressure on the deep layers of muscle and fascia, which include the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles.

The technique and increased pressure used in deep tissue massage therapy are designed to treat musculoskeletal issues. These issues include strains and sports injuries. Some of the other benefits offered by deep tissue massage therapy include helping relieve back pain, reducing high blood pressure, recovery after injuries, and more. In some cases, deep tissue massage may also help with pregnancy as it helps reduce lower back pain. However, these massage sessions need to be repeated twice or thrice a week and have to be continued for several days if not months to see results. This is the main concern with deep tissue massage as people feel that only one session will be enough to help them get rid of their pain and other issues.

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Which is Better? Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage?

Although the two kinds of massage are very similar, they both serve different purposes. This difference in purpose helps you decide which type of massage will actually work for you. For example, if you have been involved in a sports injury and are now recovering, you can go ahead with a deep tissue massage. Similarly, if you are getting a massage session just for relaxation purposes and to provide relief to sore and tense muscles, you can go ahead with a Swedish massage.

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